Evolution of the cosmic horizons rH, rE, rP, rL as function of t, a, η

in proper (r) & comoving (R) distances. Plot range: t=0…70, a=0…5.0571

Gray dashed curves: worldlines of objects comoving with the Hubbleflow

Parameters: Ωr=0.000092136, Ωm=0.315, ΩΛ=1-Ωr-Ωm, t0=13.842, H0=67.150

For detailed explanations see arXiv:astro-ph/0310808 and UWudL:vAzS#78

Other diagrams: pure matter (Ωm=1) and pure radiation (Ωr=1) universes

Index: R(η), r(t), R(t), r(a), R(a)                                   

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